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Find Boiler Repairs in Johnstown, Windber & Ebensburg, PA

We'll fix your water heating system as soon as possible

Does your boiler provide hot water for heating your home, bathing or both? Whether you have a standard or combo boiler, our HVAC contractor can fix it for you. If your unit is broken beyond repair, we'll provide speedy and affordable replacement services.

Call Community Heating & AC at 814-244-2147 today to schedule a boiler replacement in Johnstown, Windber & Ebensburg, PA & surrounding areas.

Johnstown, Windber & Ebensburg, PA & surrounding areas: Schedule boiler maintenance to eliminate repairs

Even if your boiler appears to be working fine, there may be underlying issues with your unit. To reduce the chance of needing boiler repairs, call Community Heating & AC for maintenance work.

We'll inspect your unit to make sure it's heating your water properly and to a safe temperature. If we find any issues, we can provide cost-effective repairs on the spot.

We can also help you navigate when you should start budgeting for replacing your unit. Call today to schedule an appointment with Community Heating & AC.